An Inconvenient TRUTH

I’m a backsliding Christian. I wish that wasn’t a fact, but it is. I’ve come to Jesus more than once in my life and it comes down to a simple, inconvenient truth: I don’t have the strength on my own to live without sin. Thankfully, Jesus Christ paid the price for all of us, andContinue reading “An Inconvenient TRUTH”

The Pandemic Epidemic

Oy, I am about over the distress coming from the CoronaVirus. This is wrecking havoc on the stock market and people are out of work in order to lessen the spread of the virus. I think taking precautions during a virus is smart, but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if it doesn’t stress me out.Continue reading “The Pandemic Epidemic”

The Ninth Corridor

No one remembers anything. Life on the ARK was meant to be a second chance for humanity. At least that’s what the governor proclaims each time he gets in front of a camera. But somehow the *** has become a nightmare and no one knows if life will ever return to normal. Robert, the adoptedContinue reading “The Ninth Corridor”

Questions with the BAMF Authors: Part 3

Continue to learn about the creators of Broken Arrow Mercenary Force in part three of the five-part interview series. Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks, or reading e-books, or are you old school? Rick: I don’t like reading physical books anymore at all.  I prefer e-books.  Audio books can be good, but only with theContinue reading “Questions with the BAMF Authors: Part 3”

Question with the BAMF Authors: Part 2

Continue to learn about the creators of Broken Arrow Mercenary Force in part two of the five-part interview series. How long did it take you to write your first book, and is it published?  Rick: My first book took most of my junior year in HS to write and not only is it not published,Continue reading “Question with the BAMF Authors: Part 2”

Join the BAMF Group

Rick Partlow and I teamed up to create an all-new military science fiction series featuring mechs and mercs. The series is based on my short story Hellfire, but the series is far superior to the small concepts brought forth in that story I wrote so many years ago. I’m proud of what we’re doing, andContinue reading “Join the BAMF Group”

Questions with the BAMF Authors: Part 1

Join Merchants of War writers, Rick Partlow and Drew Avera, as they answer some interview questions in this five-part series. Where are you from? Rick: Brandon, FL. Drew: Meridian, MS, but currently live in Chesapeake, VA. What was your biggest interests growing up? Rick: Space, dinosaurs and the Army. Drew: Army movies, comic books, andContinue reading “Questions with the BAMF Authors: Part 1”

Merchants of War

I recently teamed up with my friend, and the bestselling author of Glory Boy, Rick Partlow to bring to life a series that’s been rattling around in my head for a few years. We took my short story, HELLFIRE, jumped a couple of decades into the future, and dropped our main character into an unrecognizableContinue reading “Merchants of War”