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Dead Planet

The future is darker than you think! Life on Mars came at a price. The next step in human colonization was meant to begin a new era in civilization as we knew it. But greed and corruption changed everything. To

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Rival State

Are we living in a deep state? That’s a question that brings scoffing to most people. “There is absolutely no way a shadow government could be at work, undermining the representatives we have working for us in Washington D.C.,” some

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Skye Byrn

I took a little break from space opera to dive into a cyberpunk novel recently. The result is a solid adventure featuring a badass female protagonist as she seeks revenge for the untimely death of the only family she ever

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The Published Joke

I have a confession to make. I have a tendency to take myself too seriously at times. It’s not that I’m a stick in the mud, in fact, most people who know me know that I have a wild and

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Mega Alorian Wars Sale

Hey guys! I’m pleased to make two announcements. First, for the first time in my author career, I have five books out in a series! Second, I know I told you I would launch at 99 cents as a way

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Open Call for Audiobook/SciFi Fans

I have a huge launch coming soon with an upcoming audiobook for my bestselling Dead Planet Series. The box set has sold thousands of copies and I’m hoping the audiobook version will do just as well. What you might not

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Broken Worlds Snippet

I wanted to share with you a snippet of my bestselling space opera series, The Alorian Wars. Below is the first few chapters of the first book, Broken Worlds. Enjoy! Chapter 1: Anki Each step drew her closer to war,

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