What’s New with Drew JAN 2019

I’ve been considering whether I wanted to open the blog portion of my site back up. I stopped blogging a couple of years ago because I didn’t think I had much to say, or anyone who would be interested in hearing about the mundaneness of my writing career. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that my day to day activities may not be exciting, but that doesn’t mean there’s no value in the small victories of this writing life.

In fact, I almost called it quits a few months ago.

I don’t want to get into the specifics, but 2017 was a great year for my writing career. The Alorian Wars and Dead Planet took off thanks to some box sets and a vigorous schedule of newsletter swaps. I thought it was sustainable, but I was wrong. In fact, 2018 plummeted out of control. My ad spend was too much and resulted in poor sales. Being someone who stepped on a small platform that seemed primed for success, the fall hurt a lot.

As 2018 careened over a cliff, I continued to work my butt off to put out new content. The problem turned into my new releases not supporting the series of books my readers enjoyed, chiefly Dead Planet and the Alorian Wars. The more I released, the more the traction of those series fell away. By October I was done. I resolved the throw in the towel and be done with it.

In November I attended a huge writing conference that tossed a bit of lighter fluid on the embers of my career and renewed my motivation to push forward. I decided to move slowly, and to write a little at a time because I thought I might shy away from the work again if it became too much of a stressor in my life. The result was a new book set in my Dead Planet universe. Once I completed Rise of the Syndicate, I knew it had to be a book one of a new series.

I wish I could say that I haven’t struggled each day to remain positive, but the truth is I deal with it every day. The difference is I’m taking back the reins of what I can control and I’m working on books in proven successful series right now. I do have other things in work, but the priority is to publish a trilogy in this new Syndicate series and continue to write in the Alorian Wars. Anything else would be counterproductive for right now.

I made the vow that 2019 would see me back in fighting shape as I was in 2017. I’m not ready to give up on writing, or myself. I hope you’ll join me on this journey of renewed hope that I can become a full-time writer. I also hope that you are encouraged to not give up on your dreams after reading this. Like Rocky says, “It’s not how hard you can hit, but how hard you can be hit and keep getting up.”

I’m ready for the next round.


If you would like to support my writing, please download one of my books at www.amazon.com/author/drewavera

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Dead Planet

The future is darker than you think!

Life on Mars came at a price. The next step in human colonization was meant to begin a new era in civilization as we knew it. But greed and corruption changed everything.

To maintain peace, the government employed a police force of brainwashed and brutal men. Their objective; kill your assigned target and don’t ask questions. Not a problem when everything you once knew has been wiped from your memories.

When current events leads one of their own to remember the humanity they stripped from him, there will be hell to pay.

But as the dust settles, he may lose everything he once loved in the process.


Grab Dead Planet as a paperback or e-book today!

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Rival State

Are we living in a deep state? That’s a question that brings scoffing to most people. “There is absolutely no way a shadow government could be at work, undermining the representatives we have working for us in Washington D.C.,” some would say. “It’s just a conspiracy theory,” others might tell you.

The truth is, I don’t know any more than the next guy, but I’ve always had my suspicions. I’ll be the first to admit that the idea first crossed my mind when I was reading some religious books about the end times. For several years I thought about getting into ministry, but the higher I went in the church I attended, the more political it became, and soon I found myself disillusioned with it.

I don’t mean to suggest all churches work this way, but it was the straw that broke this camel’s back. I’ve struggled with faith ever sense and it is something I regret at times. But that’s a story for another time.

Back to the end times books.

Those books depicting the presumptive end of the world tried to identify parts of scripture and relate them to current events to suggest that we were indeed about to witness the second coming. I got excited reading about it, but looking back, those comparisons could have been drawn in just about any point in history. I don’t want to debate those flaws, I want to discuss the fact that in those comparisons, for any of them to be true, would require a form of shadow government to be in place to obscure the truth.

The idea that could happen was equally fascinating to me, and it never really wore off. Add to that, the idea we have people who think 9/11 was a conspiracy, the JFK assassination, Hitler moved to South America and lived out his life, etc. and we have many angles to look at our history with a critical eye and piece things together.

Am I a conspiracy theorist? I’d like to say no, but I will admit to finding some of these ideas compelling. So much, in fact, that the idea of a deep state tearing our country apart was an inspiration for my latest book, Rival State. Check out the description below:

The future of America is a nightmare of the deep state agenda.

In the beginning of the 22nd Century, just decades after civil war ripped America into thirds, our now divided country is but a shadow of her former self. Martial law prevails in every major city, with armed guards marching in the streets, fighting to restore balance and order as freedom and liberty become fading memories of a time best forgotten.

President Fulton, leader of the American Union, has spent most of his adult life preparing to seize power. With his eyes set on a newly unified country under his control it appears to be his for the taking. But a lack of trust from his opposition, and riots in the streets may just bring his world crashing down.

As revelations of blatant corruption draws unwanted attention to the American Union, Fulton executes the final steps in a plan designed to bring the rest of North America to its knees in subjugation to his will. But even the best laid plans have their faults, as once again America is brought to the brink of war.

And her final destruction.

As you can see, the deep state theory, while probably not true, can fuel some dark ideas in fiction. That’s exactly what Rival State is, a dark look into a future I don’t want to see happen.

I hope you’ll take an opportunity to check out my latest book. I set it up so anyone who purchases the paperback will receive a free download of the e-book on Kindle. I hope you enjoy it!

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Skye Byrn

I took a little break from space opera to dive into a cyberpunk novel recently. The result is a solid adventure featuring a badass female protagonist as she seeks revenge for the untimely death of the only family she ever knew. If you have an affinity for snark, violence, and crude language, then Skye Byrn is the book for you. It’s like Deadpool, only not…

Here’s the description:

Revenge is a dish best served with two smoking barrels.

Doing a favor for her mentor Sammy P., Skye Byrn runs in one of the usual suspects on Ter, a small time Crunkhead named Trudy, another one of Sammy’s works in progress. Then a crime lord’s bomb rocks the station and Skye’s world will never be whole again.

Determined to find the bomber and put an end to their takeover attempt—and their existence, Skye enlists an unlikely ally, Trudy. As the station descends into madness, she finds herself in the fight of her life. If she fails to stop the takeover, she’ll be just another victim in their growing body count.

Skye brings the heat and there’s no price she won’t pay for vengeance.

You can buy Skye Byrn on Kindle or in paperback here: Skye Byrn

You can even listen to the first chapter of the forthcoming audiobook below.

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The Published Joke

I have a confession to make. I have a tendency to take myself too seriously at times. It’s not that I’m a stick in the mud, in fact, most people who know me know that I have a wild and bizarre sense of humor. But when it comes to things of a professional nature, I just can’t see going into things with such feral abandon.

I say this, but when it came to writing Glitch, I really had no problem dedicating the protagonist to my brother and taking a dump all over his life. Is Glitch funny? It is to me, because the whole thing was a joke. The character only shares a few similarities to my brother; name, race, hair color, use of profanity, etc. And that’s all well and good, I didn’t want people to think I don’t love my brother. Besides, I only torment those I care about, and if you’re lucky enough to die in one of my books, it’s a bonus. In fact, the airlock scene in Glitch had a cameo from a friend at work. That’s right, Eddie was a coworker. He literally asked for me to do that lol. Chip was modeled after another coworker, but I didn’t want to use that person’s name as I already had Chip in mind. if you look at the cover, that is almost exactly what the guy I modeled him after looks like.

As the Glitch series grows, there’s more cameos from people in my life. I even tossed my brother’s fiancé into Glitches Wild (3) because I thought it would be funny. I’m sure it had the potential to not go well, but I figure what better indoctrination into our family dynamic than to have me immortalize you as a character in a book…I mean she gets to bust his balls in fiction and in real life, right?

But I digress, the culmination of this adventure in publishing inside jokes has come to a head. I have plans for one more Glitch tale and my daughter’s friend will appear. She knows it and is excited, but I haven’t written it yet. As I bring the Glitch series to an end, I think about all the missed opportunities to star other people in my life. With that in mind, I decided that I would continue to do so, and in many ways, increase the body count in my fiction by starring a bunch of my friends.

My next release is a space opera called Skye Byrn. Within its pages I have more than twenty author friends and friends from high school. Will I kill them all? Probably not, mostly because gratuitous killing of characters isn’t my style. But some will certainly meet their demise. So, the joke gets bigger and more lucrative. I receive messages from readers every week asking me to off them because they heard I was killing another author they like. Hell, I’ve died in a few books myself. When people look back at this day and age in fiction, what will they notice? Probably a bunch of writers killing each other. Will it make sense as a joke one-hundred-years from now? I hope so, because I only kill those I care about…wait, that sounds kinda serial killy…

I think you know what I mean.

Anyway, if I’ve piqued your interest in possibly finding some Easter eggs in my books in the form of friends used as fictional characters, then definitely check out my work. Glitch is the first book where I went hardcore in this direction. Just realize that the whole series is an older brother teasing his younger brother by making life more difficult than necessary. And feel free to laugh at his expense. I do it every day lol.

Grab Glitch today!

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Mega Alorian Wars Sale

Hey guys! I’m pleased to make two announcements. First, for the first time in my author career, I have five books out in a series! Second, I know I told you I would launch at 99 cents as a way of saying thank you, but I decided to go a bit beyond that and put all five books at 99 cents each in case you missed one. Not only that, but the prequal novella Orbital Decay is free as well. So, you can get five novels and a novella for less than $5.00. this is the Mega Alorian Wars Sale!

Grab the first four books in the series for only 99 cents each by going to the Alorian Wars Series Page.

Don’t for get to grab the newest book, Regime Change, to continue the story.

And if you want a free story that takes place before Anki and Brendle meet, then get Orbital Decay.

Regime Change is the turning point in the series and things are about to heat up as heroes and villains from the past converge. This will be the war to end all wars in the coming books. I can’t wait to write them!

As always, these books are available for free if you have Kindle Unlimited. You might be able to read one book for free per month if you’re a member of Amazon Prime. Either way, the Mega Alorian Wars Sale is the best deal if you want to jump on board. So, let’s go to war!

Thank you for your continued support and I hope you enjoy the books.


One last plug for the newest book in the series. Regime Change won’t be 99 cents for long.

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Open Call for Audiobook/SciFi Fans

I have a huge launch coming soon with an upcoming audiobook for my bestselling Dead Planet Series. The box set has sold thousands of copies and I’m hoping the audiobook version will do just as well. What you might not know, is that with each release, me and the narrator receive a group of codes for fans to receive free downloads of the new release. These codes are limited, but are a great value not only to the listener, but to the producers as well. Each download affects the ranking of the audiobook which helps with visibility. My hope is that I can compile a large enough fanbase to help me with the launch. What does that mean for you? It means by signing up, you will receive the opportunity to receive a free download code of the newest release. In return, we ask that you download a copy of that book within 24 hours of receiving the code and that you kindly post an honest review after listening. Just by downloading our audiobook, you will help us gain visibility.

Understand, due to the limited number of codes, I will send out an email asking for interested parties to respond to my email before I send the codes. Each code will be sent within 24 hours of the initial email. The codes will be first come, first served. As this list grows, it will be imperative for you to act quickly. The last time I created a list for this purpose, I gave away all of the codes and still had people asking. Unfortunately, that list was lost when my computer crashed. So, now is the time to be first on the list. By clicking the link below, you are agreeing to receive updates regarding the release of new audiobooks only. You will not receive news about new ebooks or paperbacks. That list is under a different URL. If you’re game for taking part in my Audiophiles list, please sign up at the link provided. Thank you.

Audiophiles Signup!


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