Broken Arrow Mercenary Force is a military science fiction series created by Drew Avera and Rick Partlow. Based on the short story, HELLFIRE, the series begins decades after a nuclear war between a crippled United States and Russia comes to a head. What remains of America is a bastardized version of a once great nation.

Nathan Stout was a test pilot for the US Army. He volunteered to partake in a cloning program in hopes that his sacrifice would help bring an end to the civil war destroying the country. What happened instead is a twisted tale of carnage and mayhem as the clones are engineered to be expendable soldiers, some being used against their own people. Decades have passed since the prime died, but one of his duplicates (dupes) is motivated to restore the country he swore to defend, even if the oath took place before his creation.

As the leader of the Broken Arrow Mercenary Force, Nathan is responsible for a ragtag team of mercenaries equipped with battle-hardened machines. The Piloted Mech, or Pi-Mechs, are a mix of tank and aircraft capable of replacing an entire battalion. As a team, the BAMF is one of the last lines of defense for the fading American Dream.

As Russian mobs rule the desolate American metropolises, Nate and his team are tasked with mobilization and acquisition of military targets which may be used against the fledgling government. But not everyone on the team is dedicated to the same purpose of preserving American liberty. Some are out for themselves, and their selfishness may put the entire team at risk.

But the team knew what they signed on for. Sometimes the price you pay is with your life. Sometimes it’s with your principles. Because, when you fight for the highest bidder, you inevitably become Merchants of War.

Future Space Marine Assassin

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