The Published Joke

I have a confession to make. I have a tendency to take myself too seriously at times. It’s not that I’m a stick in the mud, in fact, most people who know me know that I have a wild and bizarre sense of humor. But when it comes to things of a professional nature, I just can’t see going into things with such feral abandon.

I say this, but when it came to writing Glitch, I really had no problem dedicating the protagonist to my brother and taking a dump all over his life. Is Glitch funny? It is to me, because the whole thing was a joke. The character only shares a few similarities to my brother; name, race, hair color, use of profanity, etc. And that’s all well and good, I didn’t want people to think I don’t love my brother. Besides, I only torment those I care about, and if you’re lucky enough to die in one of my books, it’s a bonus. In fact, the airlock scene in Glitch had a cameo from a friend at work. That’s right, Eddie was a coworker. He literally asked for me to do that lol. Chip was modeled after another coworker, but I didn’t want to use that person’s name as I already had Chip in mind. if you look at the cover, that is almost exactly what the guy I modeled him after looks like.

As the Glitch series grows, there’s more cameos from people in my life. I even tossed my brother’s fiancé into Glitches Wild (3) because I thought it would be funny. I’m sure it had the potential to not go well, but I figure what better indoctrination into our family dynamic than to have me immortalize you as a character in a book…I mean she gets to bust his balls in fiction and in real life, right?

But I digress, the culmination of this adventure in publishing inside jokes has come to a head. I have plans for one more Glitch tale and my daughter’s friend will appear. She knows it and is excited, but I haven’t written it yet. As I bring the Glitch series to an end, I think about all the missed opportunities to star other people in my life. With that in mind, I decided that I would continue to do so, and in many ways, increase the body count in my fiction by starring a bunch of my friends.

My next release is a space opera called Skye Byrn. Within its pages I have more than twenty author friends and friends from high school. Will I kill them all? Probably not, mostly because gratuitous killing of characters isn’t my style. But some will certainly meet their demise. So, the joke gets bigger and more lucrative. I receive messages from readers every week asking me to off them because they heard I was killing another author they like. Hell, I’ve died in a few books myself. When people look back at this day and age in fiction, what will they notice? Probably a bunch of writers killing each other. Will it make sense as a joke one-hundred-years from now? I hope so, because I only kill those I care about…wait, that sounds kinda serial killy…

I think you know what I mean.

Anyway, if I’ve piqued your interest in possibly finding some Easter eggs in my books in the form of friends used as fictional characters, then definitely check out my work. Glitch is the first book where I went hardcore in this direction. Just realize that the whole series is an older brother teasing his younger brother by making life more difficult than necessary. And feel free to laugh at his expense. I do it every day lol.

Grab Glitch today!


I am an active duty Navy veteran and self published science fiction author. I grew up in Mississippi and joined the navy at seventeen. I now live in Virginia with my wife and two daughters.

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